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Shelter is one of the most essential needs, yet many go without this basic necessity. Let us show you how you can help homeless individuals and families find safe places to stay, begin work or gain the skills necessary to work and regain control of their lives.

HUD Technical Assistance Materials

HomeBase is a Technical Assistance provider to the San Francisco Regional HUD office for Community Developement and Technical Assistance (CDTA) and has prepared the following materials available for download. Please call Bridget DeJong at 415-788-7961, ext. 314 or email bridget@homebaseccc.org for further assistance.


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Supporting Providers to Respond to Financial Crisis

The current economic crisis is challenging homeless providers in many ways. Providers are experiencing extreme and rapid changes, and struggling to respond to increased needs. So that agencies can benefit from a sharing of ideas and exchange of strategies, HomeBase has created Economic Crisis Profiles for the following communities:

Economic Crisis Profiles - Common Themes

ReStart, Reno, NV

CAP, Madera County, CA

Lutheran Social Services, Sacramento, CA

Ford Street Project, Mendocino, CA

Benicia CAP, Solano County, CA

Swords to Plowshares, San Francisco, CA



Homelessness 101 Training

Homelessness 101 Training Manual - June 2011 edition

Homelessness 101 PowerPoint - July 2011 edition




Homelessness 101: Managing HUD Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Grants Under the Supportive Housing Program - A Handbook for Executive Directors

A Handbook for Executive Directors (PDF)


Homelessness 101: Managing HUD Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Grants - Rent Calculations

Calculating Resident Rent - Booklet (PDF)

Calculating Resident Rent - Appendices (PDF)

Calculating Resident Rent - At-A-Glance (PDF)

Rent Calculation Worksheet (Excel)

Rent Calculation Worksheet (PowerPoint)

Advice for Trainers and Lecture Notes (PDF)

If you would like the Excel version of the worksheet and you have any trouble downloading it here, please contact Bridget DeJong at bridget@homebaseccc.org or
415-788-7961, ext. 314.




Effective Operations of Shelter Plus Care and Emergency Shelter Grants Programs

Guide to Preparing a Shelter Plus Care Manual (MS Word)

Guide to Preparing an ESG Manual (MS Word)

Appendices and Forms to ESG Manual (MS Word)




Creating Food Stamp Best Practices Report

Mainstreaming the Response to Homelessness:

Accessing Food Stamps