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Shelter is one of the most essential needs, yet many go without this basic necessity. Let us show you how you can help homeless individuals and families find safe places to stay, begin work or gain the skills necessary to work and regain control of their lives.

Regional Steering Committee on Housing and Homelessness (RSC)

Next meeting: August 2, 2013


The RSC began in 1988 as two separate groups, one focusing on regional policy issues and one on program planning. Sponsored by ABAG and Public Advocates, HomeBase extended invitations to homeless service providers, imtermediaries whose work touched relevant issues (e.g. California Housing Coalition), advocacy and service provider coalitions, and self-help advocacy and services organizations in the region. Academics, philanthropy, corporate leaders, and homeless people were invited to participate as well.

Over the next five plus years the two groups coalesced into one and set a regular meeting schedule and format. This format, still used today, allows a wide range of issues and concerns to be the focus of regional problem solving and direction setting. Every two years HomeBase reviews the membership roster, asks for revisions, interviews members and others about meeting content and sets priorities for the future.

The RSC is designed to be an open, respectful forum for dialogue, with time and space for all views to be heard, if not adopted. There is no hierarchy and all meeting participants are equal at all times. Collectively we identify common needs and problems areas, design workplans, and create products in which a wide range of people can share. Our work has covered a large number of topic areas, from childcare to land use planning, and we have produced numerous products, from reports to seminars to legislative text.


Meetings are located at:

Joseph P. Bart MetroCenter
101 Eighth Street
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 464-7700


If you would like to be added to the RSC list-serve, please send your name and email address to beth@homebaseccc.org


2014 RSC Meetings and Materials:

February 7 Meeting Materials


2013 RSC Meetings and Materials:

February 22 Meeting Materials

May 3 Meeting Materials


2012 RSC Meetings and Materials:

June 15 Meeting Materials

February 24 Meeting Materials


2011 RSC Meetings and Materials:

December 2 Meeting Materials


June 17 Meeting:


Food Security Memo

Telling a Story Memo (a)

Telling a Story Memo, Community Profiles (b)

Budget Memo

2010 NOFA Results Memo

Veterans Class Action Lawsuit Memo


HPAN Meeting Materials


Performance Measures Memo

HPRP Funding Memo

Appendix B

Common Monitoring Findings Webinar


February 18 Meeting:


PSH White Paper Summary

Family Homelessness and Homeless Youth and Education

Federal Budget Timelines

FY 2011 Budget Rundown

ICH 2012 Federal Government Homelessness Budget Fact Sheet

Budget Comparisons

Emergency Solutions Grant Program

Community Responses to the 2010 NOFA PerfMeasure Questions



2010 RSC Meetings and Materials:

July 23 Meeting:


HEARTH Incentives For High Performing Communities

Mainstreaming: How to Create Systems Change

Healthcare: How Will it Impact Our Work?

HPRP: Is it Working?

Strategic Plans: HUD & the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Innovative Employment Programs


April 16 Meeting:


Hearth Updates and Definitions

HMIS Data Standards

Costs Associated with First-Time Homelessness

Bay Area HPRP Program Implementations

HPRP Implementation Matrix

Working Collaboratively Across County Lines

Homelessness and Transition-Aged Youth


January 15 Meeting:


A Snapshot of Homelessness in the Bay Area

Multi-Service Center memo

FESG Survey

Second Chance Act memo

Bay Area HPRP Program Implementation

HPRP Implementation Matrix

HEARTH and Need Determination Formula memo


2009 RSC Meetings and Materials:

November 16 Meeting:


HUD Survey Analysis

Family Unification Program Overview


Shelter Inc. intake form

CCC S+C intake form

SF final screening form

FHPAP All-Inclusive Assessment form

Housing Assessment Template

SF HPRP Assessment tool

Status of Clients form

Barriers to Housing Stability Assessment form

SF HPRP Description

Ending Homelessness Among Vets within Five Years

UFA Transformation Memo


July 17 Meeting:


Impact of the Recession on the Bay Area

HEARTH Revisions McKinney-Vento

Continuum of Care Program

ESG Analysis

Administration and Coordination: CoC Process

Data, Reporting and Outcomes



April 17 Meeting:


The Second Chance Act

NOFA results memo

2009 Homeless Census Results

McKinney-Reauthorization Legislation

DRAFT Federal Policy Platform


January 23 Meeting:


Best Practices in Homeless Housing & Services

Building a Policy Platform to End Homelessness

Letter to Obama

Responding to Homelessness

McKinney update and HR 29

Neighborhood Stabilization Program & Other Funding

Search Warrants and HMIS Disclosures



2008 RSC Meetings and Materials:

October 17 Meeting:


Legislative and Budget news

Homelessness and the Economic Crisis

HMIS Changes

Revised Draft Data Standards

Endorsing Five Fundamentals to Prevent and End Hn.

Half in Ten


July 25 Meeting:


Budget Update

Vertically Integrated Extension memo

2008 NOFA Summary

Rapid Rehousing Memo


April 18 Meeting:


Emergency Shelters

Changes in Funding

Update on Mental Health Services Act

Recent Changes to Proposition 1C

Shelter Alternative PowerPoint

Discharge Planning by State Institutions

January 25 Meeting:


SB 2 (Fair Share Zoning Bill)

2007 NOFA Results

Federal and State Legislative updates

Rural Homelessness



2007 RSC Meetings and Materials:

October 19 Meeting:


10 Year Plan Implemention examples

Administering and Coordinating Participation

Potential Sources for Funding

Family Homelessness - Updates and latest research

McKinney-Vento Act bill requirements

Housing First and mental illness

Juvenille Justice Reform Bill

July 20 Meeting:


Homeless Families

What Every Community Should Have in Its Response System

Homeless Count Results

HomeBase Convenings

April 20 Meeting:


2006 McKinney-Vento Continuum of Care Awards

2007 Homeless Count Results

Legality and Mainstreaming: Homeless Court

Changing Homelessness at the State Level: There was no memorandum for this agenda item; HomeBase Executive Director, Marty Fleetwood, announced the availability of the last draft on the HomeBase website, and Sharon Rapport from Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) provided a review of the priorities recently set by CSH and Housing California.

Proposal of Permanent Supportive Housing Block Grant

Discharge Planning for Veterans from Current Wars

January 19 Meeting:


Mainstream Access

Increasing Housing Availability by Creating New Units: There was no memorandum for this agenda item; HomeBase Staff Lawyer, Bridget Kurtt DeJong, facilitated a discussion on local development in the last 20 years and common obstacles.

The McKinney-Vento Reauthorization Legislation

Employment Programs for the Chronically Homeless

California State Ten Year Plan: There was no memorandum for this agenda item; HomeBase Executive Director, Marty Fleetwood, provided an update on the Plan's progress.


2006 RSC Meetings and Materials:

September 29 Meeting:


Proposition 1C: There was no memorandum for this agenda item; Marco Montenegro from East Bay Housing Organizations led a discussion about the work of his agency, and the vital role that the passage of Prop. 1C will be in terms of the work of his agency as well as the housing/homelessness agenices who are involved with the RSC.

Increasing Access to SSI

Shaping the Next McKinney-Vento Reauthorization Bill: Giving feedback on a bill in draft stage

National Conference Highlights: There was no memorandum for this agenda item; HomeBase Staff Attorney Gina Allendorf from HomeBase spoke of her experiences at recent conferences (CoC, HMIS and NAEH) and referred those in attendance to the agenda for further web resources.

Evaluating Homelessness Prevention and Discharge Planning Efforts


July 7 Meeting:


Handout Ballots from California's First State Policy Academy

A Status Update of State Bills being Supported or Opposed by Housing California and the RSC

Proposed Changes to CDBG Funding Allocations

CDBG Chart Attachment

Federal Appropriations and Other News Updates

Ensuring a Positive Response to the Homelessness Crisis: Reauthorizing the McKinney-Vento Act

Alternative Poverty Threshold Measures


March 17 Meeting:


2006 HUD NOFA Changes

Reed Bill Update

Federal Issues and Budget Updates

Developing Regional Priorities

State Budget Update


January 20th Special Meeting on S.1801 Community Partnership to End Homelessness Act / 'The Reed Bill':

For information on and materials from this meeting please see 'McKinney-Vento Act Reauthorization S.1801 'The Reed Bill'.'



2005 RSC Meetings and Materials:

November 18:


Federal Update: There was no memorandum for this agenda item, HomeBase Projects Director Jessica Flintoft led a discussion on nationwide homelessness news.

State/Regional Update: Two items.

Governor's Homeless Initiative Handouts: to be posteed shortly, please check back.

Proposed Amendment and Reauthorization of McKinney-Vento Act

Global Homelessness

Mental Health Services Act Debrief

Family Homelessness Update Part II

SAMHSA Update: There was no memorandum for this agenda item, HomeBase Staff Attorney Piper Ehlen gave a brief update from the October 26-28 SAMHSA Conference in Washington DC and a handout on BluePrint for Change was circulated.


September 16:


Federal Update

State Update

Housing California: Guest Speak Megan Schatz, Homeless Policy Director of Housing California. There was no memorandum for this agenda item, Ms. Schatz hosted a discussion regarding priorities for state homeless policy action.

Disaster Relief

2005 NOFA Issues Brief

Family Homelessness Update. This agenda item will be revisited at November's meeting due to lack of time to fully explore and discuss it at this meeting.

Base Closures


July 29:


Discharge from State Corrections Memorandum

Discharge from Foster Care Memorandum

Sample Letter and Template to Use to Support SB 436

Sample Letter and Template to Use to Support AB 824

Mental Health Background Briefing For more information on this topic as well as articles profiling individual state best practices go to www.samhsa.gov and click on their Mental Health Transformation Trends link.

Federal Budget and Other Legislative News Update

2005 HUD NOFA Changes

Update on State Action

NAEH Update Verbal Presentation for more information see NAEH meeting materials posted under hot topic 'Ten Year Planning'

Real ID Act Memorandum


March 18:


Barriers to Implementing Strategies to End Homelesses Handout

2005 Survey of Regional Continua of Care

Mainstream Benefits Memorandum

California Reduced Fee I.D. Card Memorandum

Federal Budget Memorandum

CDBG Attachments

SELHA Attachment

Homeless Count Memorandum

Changes to SSI Memorandum

HSS Budget Bill Analysis Attachment

Federal Register Attachment

Governor's 2005-2006 Budget Attachment

Campaign for Safe Transistions: Housing Former Foster Youth Attachment

Medi-Cal Program Attachment

2004 HUD awards Handout


January 21:


Conversion of Mckinney-Vento Projects Memorandum

Creative Housing Memorandum

Creative Housing Powerpoint Presentation



RSC Meeting Packet Archives:


March 19 Part 1

March 19 Part 2

March 19 Part 3

March 19 PowerPoint presentation

July 30 2004 RSC Packet

Sept 17 2004 Packet

Nov 19 2004 Packet