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Shelter is one of the most essential needs, yet many go without this basic necessity. Let us show you how you can help homeless individuals and families find safe places to stay, begin work or gain the skills necessary to work and regain control of their lives.

Housing for Youth

Bridging the Gaps

Connecting Young Adults to Housing & Services

In July 2010, the Federal Youth Partners, in collaboration with HomeBase and the Corporations for Supportive Housing, presented Bridging the Gaps: Connecting Young Adults to Housing and Services. The conference was the innovative product of a broad collaboration of federal agencies, providers of housing and services for transition-aged youth, and young adults.

Youth involvement was central to every aspect of the planning and production of Bridging the Gaps. A committee of approximately ten young adults, facilitated by HomeBase and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, advised the Federal Youth Partners regarding the topics for discussion at the conference, potential panelists, and opportunities for youth involvement, and selected the conference name and logo. Youth representatives from the committee spoke on many of the panels, and one panel (Speaking the Same Language) was designed, facilitated, and staffed entirely by young adults. Additionally, the advisory committee helped to select a powerful youth performance for the lunch hour.

The goals of the conference were improved information sharing about programs and funding and better coordination of outreach activities and resources. The collaboration of the Federal Youth Partners, which includes the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Administration for Children and Families, Department of Labor, Department of Education, and Social Security Administration, was key to successful information sharing.

The conference's nine panels encompassed topics ranging from housing to cultural competency and panelists ranging from federal representatives to case managers and youth. Attendees included federal, state, and local government representatives, housing developers, nonprofit staff, and youth.

To download materials from the conference, please click the appropriate links below.


A Culturally Competent System of Care

Our First Line of Response: Outreach and Emergency Shelter

Additional Materials - Outreach

Coco Auerswald: Homeless Youth in San Francisco


Speaking the Same Language: Cultural Competency, Mentoring, and Life Skills Development

Additional Materials - Cultural Competency

Factsheet - Unhealthy Boundaries


Get 'Em Housed, Keep 'Em Housed: Housing Models to Meet All Needs

Additional Materials - Housing

Factsheet - Defining the Spectrum of Youth Housing

Factsheet - NAEH Youth Housing Policy Campaign

Factsheet - Supportive Housing for Youth

Factsheet - TAY SF Housing Advice

Report - HEY Guide to Housing

Report - Housing and High School

Report - Housing for Homeless Youth


Advocacy, Policy, and Financing

Show Me the Money: Financing TAY Housing and Services

Additional Materials - Funding

Factsheet - Funding for Youth Housing Programs

Report - Financing Housing Support for TAY


Letter of the Law: HEARTH and Other Legislation

Additional Materials - Legislation

Debbie Raucher - State Legislative Update AB12 and THP+

Factsheet - HEARTH 101

Factsheet - NAEH HEARTH Act Summary

Factsheet - Strategic Plan and Youth

Legislation - HEARTH

Legislation - NAEH Model State Act for RHY

Pat Pianko - Fostering Connections

Stacey Murphy - HEARTH and TAY


Bringing Everyone to the Table: A Crash Course in Advocacy and Systems Change

Additional Materials - Advocacy

Factsheet - Building an Infrastructure to Serve Youth

Factsheet - New America Media Policy Recommendations

Report - Disconnected Youth in San Francisco

Report - HEY Guide to Youth Empowerment

Report - Immigration Related Barriers

Report - Interagency Operating Systems for TAY

Report - Transitions for Youth in Juvenile Justice



Hitting the Books: Strategies and Resources for TAY Education

Additional Materials - Education

Brochure - Mission SF PLAY

Factsheet - Reducing Your Expenses

Factsheet - Track Weekly Expenses

Report - Supporting the Education of Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

Report - TAY and GED

Xochitl Sanchez-Zarma - Higher Education Resources


Healthy Outcomes: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Healthcare Access and Treatment

Additional Materials - Health

Factsheet - Health, Homelessness and Services

Report - Helping Youth With Mental Health Needs

Report - TAY Service Delivery Adaptations


Work, Work, Work: Employment Programs and Resources

Additional Materials - Employment

Brochure - Community Services Employment Training

Brochure - Sequoia Community Corps 1

Brochure - Sequoia Community Corps 2

Deon Price - Job Corps

Report - Conservation Corps

Report - Foster Youth Demonstration Project 1

Report - Foster Youth Demonstration Project 2

Report - Foster Youth Demonstration Project 3

Report - Workforce and Youth Mental Health

Rosemary Cowen - Connecting Our Nation's Disconnected Youth

Wei Hsieh - California Conservation Corps



Previous Youth Work

HomeBase has worked in collaboration with the Corporation for Supportive Housing and ICF Consulting to facilitate two U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) foster youth housing events. The first event "All the Way Home: Creating Partnerships to House Emancipated Foster and Homeless Youth" was held October 28, 2003, in Oakland, CA. The second conference, "A Home of Their Own, Creating Partnerships to House Emancipated, Foster and Homeless Youth" was held in Los Angeles on December 1, 2004.

Both of these conferences focused on creating partnerships between service providers, developers, funders and landlords in an effort to create more housing for emancipating and homeless youth. Panelists at both conferences included speakers who already have a program to house emancipating youth, developers and funders who wish to help create more housing for the youth, and foster and emancipated youth themselves. The participation and attendance at these conferences was quite broad, but the overall goal was the same throughout. That aim is to find ways to ensure that all youth leaving the foster care system have a home in which to live.

To download conferences materials from either the Oakland conference or the LA Conference, please click on the appropriate link below.

"All the Way Home" October 28, 2003 Oakland, CA Conference:

Creating Partnerships to House Emancipated Foster and Homeless Youth

"A Home of Their Own" December 1, 2004 Los Angeles, CA Conference:

Creating Partnerships to House Emancipated Foster and Homeless Youth