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Shelter is one of the most essential needs, yet many go without this basic necessity. Let us show you how you can help homeless individuals and families find safe places to stay, begin work or gain the skills necessary to work and regain control of their lives.

What We Do

Philosophy & Approach

HomeBase is committed to community-based action that is supported and coordinated on the regional and state level, and which is guided by the real life needs and experiences of people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of becoming homeless. In addition, we believe that it is vital to address the causes of homelessness and not just its symptoms, and that the wealth of information and understanding learned by providers and advocates over almost two decades of responding to homelessness should be shared in order to inform and improve future work.

All of our work is guided and directed by the Bay Area Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness and Housing, which is composed of service providers, academics, local government staff, and homeless people throughout the region. The RSC provides an important forum for information sharing, consensus development on "best practices," and coordination on advocacy and public education campaigns of benefit to the region and beyond.

HomeBase's work with individual communities is carried out is a manner that involves all interested parties and which seeks to apply "best practices" wisdom while fully taking into account local needs and resources. We help individual agencies evaluate needs, design programs and successfully implement them. We assist in fundraising, Board development and other activities to strengthen agencies' internal capacity. And we work on the community level to enhance overall service system effectiveness by linking individual agencies into a comprehensive and integrated "Continuum of Care," thus creating the capacity for strategic planning, collaborative service provision, and coordinated data collection, fundraising and public education. In all of our projeccts, we work closely with homeless people, always making it a priority to include their voices and perspectives. Whether through participation in work groups or through interviews, surveys or focus groups, homeless people play a central role in directing our work and our priorities.

On the federal, state, regional and local level, HomeBase is recognized as a source of sound, pragmatic analysis on the issue of homelessness, high quality technical assistance and training, and innovative and effective policies and programs that imrpove people's lives and decrease the negative effects of homelessness on communities.Our highly talented, multi-disciplinary staff regularly provides expert consultation, technical assistance, training and public education. In addition, HomeBase has produced an extensive array of reports and "best practice" manuals to guide efforts to address the needs of homeless people.


Where We Work

Homebase is headquartered in San Francisco, California. We work closely with Northern California counties, from Humboldt to San Luis Obispo. We also work with agencies and individuals, local government, housing and service providers, churches, community groups, and homeless people thorugh California.

In addition we provide national technical assistance in many states and counties throughout the United States.