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Pragmatic Dreamers, Aspirational Doers

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We are a collective of legal, policy, and subject matter experts who are also data geeks, skilled facilitators, and strategic thinkers and planners dedicated to addressing homelessness and its root causes. 


Applying over three decades of experience in the homelessness response field and expertise that spans disciplines and geographies, Homebase works directly with communities to develop strengths-based, customized responses to their most pressing challenges. We partner with clients in the public, non-profit, and faith-based sectors to identify barriers and key resources, refine their ideas and goals, and design scalable solutions. 

We believe that meaningful impact results from robust and intentional collaboration across sectors and systems, cultivation of passionate leaders, and skillful execution of policy and practice to achieve sustainable results. Our approach is focused and practical, but driven by an expansive, long-term vision of system integration and a comprehensive, coordinated response to homelessness and poverty. 

Our Mission is to build community capacity to end homelessness and reduce poverty, and to foster thriving, inclusive communities. We support communities and agencies in establishing the systems and programs needed to help people who are homeless or at-risk achieve housing stability, improve health and wellness, maximize economic self-sufficiency, and reclaim their dignity. 


Cornerstones of Our Success

Building upon the foundation of over 30 years of continual learning and evolving, we offer a vital and unique perspective on issues relating to homelessness, and an incisive, pragmatic approach to designing solutions. Our work is informed by vast, multi-faceted experience and an extensive track record of achievement. Our leadership has advanced key policies and programs at the federal, state, and local levels and helped build the roster of best practices that guide the field.


Fueled by a collective passion to address the personal, systemic, and social impacts of homelessness, our enthusiastic and talented staff offer a broad range of knowledge, experience, and sophisticated planning and process skills. From concept to execution, we assemble custom teams tailored to address each client’s needs. 


Want to Join Us?

Homebase is looking for like-minded individuals committed to supporting our community partners in preventing and ending homelessness. 

Connect With Our Team

For more information about Homebase and our work, for press inquiries, to learn how to contract for our services, and for any other questions, please contact us. 

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