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Collin Whelley

Collin Whelley

Board of Directors

Collin works with Bay Area Continuums of Care to implement, evaluate, and strengthen coordinated entry systems that enable communities to use existing resources effectively. Collin began his work with homeless services as a street outreach worker in Denver, Colorado. The juxtaposition of wealth and poverty, the proximity of suffering to obliviousness, and most importantly, the people he met and worked with captured Collin’s focus and solidified his educational and professional trajectory to the subject areas of homelessness, housing, and healthcare. Collin has served as a program evaluator, researcher, TA provider, and trainer at all levels. Collin is interested in understanding how the context of people’s lives and work are reflected in quantitative and qualitative data and how best to leverage this understanding to find and address gaps in knowledge, policy, and service.
Prior to joining Homebase, Collin worked as an Independent Consultant/ Program Evaluator for the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Maseru, Lesotho. Collin has a BA in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Dayton and an MA in Political Science and Local Public Policy from the University of Colorado, Denver.

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