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Max Discher

Max Discher

Board of Directors

Max is a Sr. Attorney at Homebase, providing technical and legal assistance to a variety of communities, including San Francisco and Clark County/Las Vegas. His efforts ensure HUD funding compliance, guide best practices amongst organizational partners, and steer local policy to optimize homelessness response systems. A stickler for organizational efficiency, he takes particular interest in system mapping and governance.

Before joining Homebase, and after several years in customer service and hospitality, Max returned to public interest and social justice studies. Law school afforded opportunities to work with a variety of underrepresented populations around the globe: asylum seekers in Australia; disenfranchised citizens of Dominican Republic; and indigent criminal defendants back home. Max holds a BA from Morehouse College, and JD from Santa Clara University School of Law, with a Certificate in Public International Law. When he’s not at work, he’s either defending his fellow BART riders from petty crime, disassembling yet another car in his driveway, or baking a mean chicken pot pie from scratch.

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