Max Discher

Staff Attorney

Max is a Staff Attorney at Homebase, providing technical and legal support to the San Francisco and Napa communities. His efforts ensure compliance with HUD funding requirements, guide best practices amongst organizational partners, and steer local policies to best coordinate homelessness response systems. He has a penchant for organizational efficiency and takes a particular interest in the advent of coordinated entry systems. Before joining Homebase, and with a latent urge to devote himself to the betterment of those less fortunate, Max returned to school to study public interest and social justice. He seized every available opportunity to assist underserved populations, working for asylum seekers in Australia, systematically-oppressed populations in the Dominican Republic, and indigent criminal defendants at home.  Max holds a BA from Morehouse College, and a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law, with a Certificate in Public International Law. If he’s not found underneath one of his cars covered in motor oil, cuts, and scrapes, then he’s probably hiking the foothills in and around his native Bay Area.

Contact Info

415-788-7961 x322


  • JD, Santa Clara University School of Law

  • BA, Morehouse College