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Bay Area Peer Communities

Since the founding the Bay Area Regional Steering Committee (RSC) in 1988, Homebase has supported a variety of peer convenings and action labs in the California Bay Area. Through targeted discussion engaging the collective knowledge of a group, this approach builds capacity and creates space for innovation.


Participants include homeless system leadership, program managers and executive staff, Continuums of Care Collaborative Applicants, advocacy organizations, people with lived experience of homelessness, and representatives from county systems. Convenings focus on a wide range of issues and concerns, including regional problem solving, system strengthening, priority setting, and effective strategies for responding to the dual crises of homelessness and COVID-19.


Beginning in 2020, the Bay Area Coordination Calls bring together leaders from the homelessness/housing systems, public health, and state and federal government to share strategies for responding to homelessness. This call is currently hosted every other month via Zoom.


For more information about the Bay Area Peer Communities calls, please contact

Got Questions?

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