Homebase is seeking subcontractors to serve as HUD Regional TA Team members. Each HUD region is composed of regional team members that are assigned and approved by HUD to serve two primary roles:
1) as points of contact for assigned CoCs, and 2) as a unique contributor to the regional team’s collective work, bringing one or more distinct skills/knowledge to the team.

Regional Team Points of Contact (RT POCs) are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities in their role:

  1. Establish and maintain clear communication channels to the CoCs, ESG recipients, and HMIS leads (via phone call, email, monthly meetings, etc.)

  2. At least monthly, interact with community stakeholders to understand community’s critical challenges in their homeless response system and take action on identified challenges:

    • If the challenge is in your wheelhouse, provide support during phone call, meeting, or email exchange, relying on your own expertise as well as providing information about (and links to) existing resources on the HUD Exchange

    • If the challenge is NOT in your wheelhouse:

      • Always provide information about existing resources on the HUD Exchange; AND

      • If the challenge seems clear, assist the grantee with submitting a TA request AND notify your RC of the challenge and request; OR

      • If the challenge is too complicated or underdeveloped to understand, notify your RC of the challenge and get RC’s advice on next steps

   3. Identification, recruitment, and support for HUD Intensive Workshops

   4. As assigned by SNAPS, deliver on-call TA to support communities in specific areas of concern,
       as identified by the community themselves through request for support or by some other entity (i.e. Field
       Office) on behalf of the community.

   5. Update Regional Coordinator on emerging issues occurring in your communities through Regional
       Coordinator’s preferred communication channels and frequency (e.g., issues that come up through
       COVID-19 outreach for winter sheltering).

   6. Contribute to your region’s TA Strategy for responding to and prioritizing CoC and ESG recipient needs
       (includes cross-regional strategies in the RT initiative)


   7. Actively participate in Regional Team meetings that occur on at least a monthly basis


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