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Bay Area Regional Data

Sharing System


Regional approaches are essential to addressing

the Bay Area’s homelessness crisis. Without a system

for sharing data across county lines, however, our local

systems and programs operate in jurisdictional silos, unable

to measure outcomes, understand trends, coordinate service

provision, or prevent duplication across county lines. Regional

data sharing is essential to achieving a true picture of

homelessness in the Bay Area and to identifying, implementing,

and tracking its solutions.


The Bay Area is well positioned to establish a system for regional

data sharing. Bay Area counties have invested significantly in

their respective Homeless Management Information Systems

(HMIS), with most counties using the same system (Clarity from

Bitfocus); regional data sharing software has been developed and refined with multi-HMIS warehouses implemented in various other regions nationally; and the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the urgency of a more coordinated, regional approach to homelessness and data.

In partnership with Tipping Point, the Bay Area Regional Working Group on Homelessness, and other stakeholders, Homebase has developed a framework

for next steps to create a Bay Area Regional Data Sharing System (RDSS).

Bay Area Regional Homelessness Data Sharing - NCG Webinar 

View a recording of our February 25, 2021 Northern California Grantmakers webinar, featuring a panel discussion with Kerry Abbott, Director, Homeless Care and Coordination, Alameda County Health Services Agency; Debbie Koski, Senior Program Officer, Tipping Point; Cynthia Nagendra, Executive Director, UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative; and Vivian Wan, Chief Operating Officer, Abode Services. 

An overview of the project and the full report are available by clicking the links below.

RDDS Overview Thumbnail.png
RDDS Full Report Thumbnail.png
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