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Using Data to Inform Action


Successful systems and programs are dynamic, evolving in response to data about client need and outcomes. Homebase helps communities use their data to inform decision-making, monitor progress and outcomes, and meet their goals.

Our Skills & Expertise


Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)


Performance Measurement & Evaluation


Data Collection, Integration & Analysis


Data Reporting and Visualization


Capacity Building & Training


Data-Informed Decision-Making

Data is a powerful tool to advance community efforts to end homelessness. We facilitate data collection, construct and improve HMIS, and negotiate agreements for cross-system data integration. Working closely with local agencies and system leaders, Homebase designs performance measurement systems with clear metrics and regular evaluation processes – connecting the dots from robust data to improved outcomes.


Our analytics transform raw data into actionable insights that drive policy and enhance understanding of homeless system gaps and needs. We promote data-informed decision-making, helping communities apply their data to planning and resource allocation.


We also help communities use their data for education and advocacy. We craft engaging reports that provide compelling narratives on need, program impact, and overall progress on homelessness.

Highlights of Our Portfolio

Madera County Gaps Analysis  Image.png
Tulsa City-Wide Housing Assessment Image.png
Identifying Inequities through Data.png
Maricopa CES.png
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