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Building Sustainable Solutions

Insightful | Customized | Effective 



Throughout our thirty year history, Homebase has played an integral role in designing and improving the programs and systems responding homelessness at the community, state, and federal level. We work hand-in-hand with our clients – whether they are individual programs, local governments, or federal agencies – to understand their experiences, strengths, and needs; envision opportunities; and redesign systems to affect meaningful change in their communities.

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We develop solutions aimed at addressing people’s interrelated needs for housing, health care, economic security (including education and employment), and other support.

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Our services are varied and adaptable, including planning, program development, system formation and integration, and evaluation.

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We work simultaneously on various complementary levels – supporting agencies and communities and at the regional, state, and national levels.  

Core Services

Building Systems of Care

Setting the Direction

Connecting Housing with Health Care, Income & Services

Using Data to Inform Action

Our Model

Our approach is flexible and tailored to the context, conditions, and needs of each client and project, and structured to elicit insight, unlock innovation, and help each client and community refine and achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently. 


Working closely with clients and their partners, we:

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Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify needs, resources, and priorities and to generate new insights.

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Design customized community-based solutions that invigorate people and inspire collaboration.

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Facilitate intentional and accelerated execution of new ideas and strategies to achieve immediate impact and inspire continued community-wide effort.

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Create and support a sustainable culture of innovation through implementation of best and promising practices.

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Gather data to document impact, continuously improve quality, and facilitate scaling for broader impact.

Our Skills and Services

We apply our expertise and vision to help communities translate ideas into innovative plans, programs, and systems that better serve individuals in crisis and the community as a whole. For every engagement, we pull from a wide variety of services to create a customized plan designed to help each client address their specific needs and achieve their goals. 





Strategic Consulting


Process Evaluation

Capacity Building

Change Management

Data-Driven Analysis

Innovative Design


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