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Building Systems of Care


Homelessness is a multi-dimensional issue, with solutions requiring collaboration across agencies and sectors. We help communities build systems of care that coordinate action to enhance impact and strategically utilize resources.

Our Skills & Expertise


Needs Assessments


Partnership Development


Program Design & Implementation


System Integration


Capacity Building & Training


Performance Measurement & Evaluation

Homebase partners with communities to build customized systems, providing comprehensive and integrated solutions to homelessness. Central to our approach is fostering strategic partnerships to address the full range of local needs.

Our emphasis is on impact, moving from policy to practical implementation – developing governance structures, designing and evaluating Coordinated Entry Systems, and creating performance metrics to monitor quality and outcomes. Clients are at the center of our systems approach: people with lived experiences of homelessness are included in planning and evaluation, and programs are designed to be respectful of and responsive to the values and preferences of program participants.


We support development and implementation of effective, HUD-compliant Continuums of Care (CoCs), transforming independent programs into systems that collectively improve outcomes for both individuals and the community as a whole. 


At all levels of the homeless system of care – from leadership to frontline staff – Homebase works with our partners to build capacity, providing guidance, training, and technical assistance to implement best practices.

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