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Our History

Over the past three decades, Homebase has advanced solutions to homelessness in many forums and with many partners.

Homebase was founded in 1985 in response to community requests for assistance in addressing the newly emerging problem of homelessness. San Francisco Bay Area communities were at a loss as to how to best respond to this new crisis, neither understanding what was causing the influx of people living on the streets and in parks, nor knowing what to do about it. Homebase was launched as a technical assistance resources center for Bay Area communities in their efforts to address homelessness.

From these roots, developing an infrastructure to meet emerging human needs, Homebase has grown into a nationally recognized expert on system redesign, homelessness, and as a skilled capacity builder working with communities across the country.


Marty Fleetwood, Homebase Founder


Got Questions?

For more information about Homebase and our work, for press inquiries, to find out about how to contract for our services, and for any other questions, please contact us.

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