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Resources for Building Health Care-Homeless Response System Partnerships

Addressing the health-related needs of people experiencing homelessness is central to ending homelessness. Similarly, stable housing is fundamental to maintain good health and minimize costs of unnecessary emergency department and hospital admissions. 


The health care system is not designed or equipped to address patients’ housing needs. Homeless assistance programs are not designed or equipped to take care of the often complex medical or behavioral health needs of people experiencing homelessness. Cross-system collaboration and coordination are critical to leverage both systems' resources to better serve people and to improve outcomes for individuals and families, as well as the systems designed to support them. 


Meaningful partnerships and coordination can make things easier, less costly, and more efficient for both health care and homeless assistance systems overall. This page contains Homebase-developed resources to support cross-system learning, collaboration and partnership, and systems integration.

Communities across the nation are seeking to undertake cross-sector collaboration, including sharing data across health and homelessness systems. Our "How to Share Data: A Practical Guide for Health and Homeless Systems of Care" is written to address some of the fundamental decisions needed to be made in order to share data; with practical tips, suggestions, and examples of how communities have shared data in order to work more effectively across the two sectors.