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Resources for Small, Rural, and Emerging Communities


What can we accomplish with this initiative?


Provide action & solution-oriented, localized technical assistance.


Meet your community where you are through relationship-focused support that respects your local expertise.


Help your community chart a path to where you want to go & overcome roadblocks you encounter.


Be mindful of limited human and financial resources in our target communities.


Build upon existing technical assistance resources (especially free ones) without duplicating efforts.  


Provide customized (not cookie-cutter) assistance to unique communities with different strengths and challenges.

What kinds of support can Homebase provide?


Homebase is a nonprofit organization with 35 years of experience doing work that advances solutions to homelessness, from system design to program evaluation, and strategic planning to procedure development. If you represent a small, rural, and/or emerging community that needs technical assistance, please reach out to us at

Special focuses this year include:

We’re creating peer groups of CoCs with similar geographies or common challenges in the Midwest and Southern U.S. These groups cover a wide range of relevant topics and include:

  • peer sharing,

  • education,

  • problem solving,

  • discussion, and

  • advocacy

Many CoCs in small, rural, semi-rural, and emerging communities have small teams, and CoC Leads struggle to find the time or support needed to analyze and make strategic decisions.

We provide one-on-one management consulting, undertake data analysis, and support CoC staff to identify actions to meet local goals.

Through this model, we provide similar resources to participating communities, making services more affordable and accessible while still tailored to local needs. Participating communities have access to:

  • Bi-monthly office hours to get support on any issue that has arisen, and

  • Nine (9) trainings per year on topics of their choice, with follow up and application activities.

The HUD CoC NOFO is a big lift for every community, but especially for small CoCs and CoCs with fewer staff resources. This workgroup will meet weekly during the NOFO period to ensure participating communities are on-track to submit successful applications. 

We’ll offer guidance from experienced NOFO writers, resources to make the process easier, and opportunities to cross-read applications or share scoring tools.

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