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Peer Learning Communities


Homebase offers a variety of tools and dynamic opportunities to stay current on emerging trends, best practices, and creative strategies. Our learning communities are an interactive forum for networking and information sharing, problem solving with peers, and collaborative regional action.

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Expert panels and discussion of the latest practices

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Peer networking, problem solving, and sharing solutions

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Regional collaboration and coordination

Since the founding the Bay Area Regional Steering Committee (RSC) in 1988, Homebase has supported a variety of peer convenings and action labs in the California Bay Area. Through targeted discussion engaging the collective knowledge of a group, this approach builds capacity and creates space for innovation. We are currently meeting every other month with communities in the Bay Area to discuss areas of common challenge and opportunities for innovation.


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Northern, Central, and Southern California Peer Communities is a meeting of rural and semi-rural California communities to strategize on ending homelessness using a peer learning model. This group hosts in-person convenings, a virtual meeting series, and resource sharing through a mailing list. Past topics have included increasing racial equity in homelessness systems of care, new or emerging funding streams, and addressing unsheltered homelessness.

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In support of our commitment to providing support to communities addressing the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, Homebase also convenes one-time peer learning groups on an ad hoc basis. Recently, we’ve convened groups on specific regional challenges like responding to COVID-19 at the systems level, racial equity, street outreach, unsheltered homelessness, and criminal legal system engagement.


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