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Alissa Weiss

Alissa Weiss

Directing Analyst

As a Directing Analyst at Homebase, Alissa works to integrate the health care and homelessness systems in order to improve outcomes for people experiencing homelessness. Throughout her career, Alissa has worked at the intersection of public health and economic development in order to support healthy communities through policy analysis, program implementation, strategic planning and communications, and partnership development. Prior to joining Homebase, she worked at Benefits Data Trust, where she supported state human services agencies in building more equitable and accessible benefit programs. Alissa has also worked in local economic development and served in a variety of roles in the New York City Mayor's Office and City Council, overseeing workforce development, food access, and health policy. Alissa is a Philadelphia native and holds a BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania and a MA from the Harvard School of Public Health.

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  • BA, University of Pennsylvania

  • MS, Harvard School of Public Health

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