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Housing is one of our most essential needs, yet many of our neighbors lack a safe and stable place to call home. Homelessness is a crisis for those experiencing it, as well as for our communities and country as a whole. Its causes are myriad and complex and its effects are profound and far-reaching. Meaningful solutions require proven strategies, coordinated between diverse partners in multiple sectors.


That’s where Homebase comes in. We are a non-profit dedicated to building community capacity to prevent and end homelessness. For three decades, we have worked tirelessly alongside our local partners to identify and analyze the root causes of homelessness and develop effective systems and solutions.


As a facilitator, community partner, and nationally-recognized technical assistance provider, we combine deep knowledge of the realities of homelessness, including its causes and solutions, with practical experience designing and implementing programs and systems that help people regain housing, improve health and wellness, and reclaim their dignity.


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Working Across Systems

Relationships form the backbone of our work developing effective homelessness prevention and response systems. People experiencing or at risk of homelessness have needs beyond housing, and the causes, effects, and solutions of homelessness are inextricably intertwined with the full breadth of our public and social systems. Because of this, we work with partners across multiple issue areas and service sectors, including housing, physical and behavioral health, education, employment, benefits, criminal justice, child welfare/foster care, transportation, and more.

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Homebase has given us exceptional professional guidance and assistance as we develop our new strategic plan and funding strategies. They have gathered an amazing level of relevant statistical information to support our key initiatives and due to their efforts, our organization is more focused and better positioned to deliver our message and programming.

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President, Board of Directors, Girls Inc.

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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Homebase relies on the support of partners like you to help us develop innovative, research-based solutions to homelessness.

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Explore a variety of resources, tools, and information about the latest strategies in addressing homelessness.

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For more information about Homebase and our work, for press inquiries, to learn how to contract for our services, and for any other questions, please Contact Us.

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