COVID-19 Response 

COVID-19 Response

There are many resources circulating to support homeless service providers and systems respond to COVID-19. The following is a regularly-updated collection of key resources, emerging and recommended practices, and templates. It contains both memos and guides created by Homebase, and a Homebase curated set of resources from over 900 sources.


The guide is not meant to be exhaustive but instead focuses on essential materials most useful to those working to prevent the spread of COVID-19, protect the safety of staff and people experiencing homelessness, and prevent people from becoming homeless as a result of the outbreak. 

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Homebase Memos, Guides,

and Curated Resources

This section contains memos and guides created by Homebase combining the best information from multiple sources on a single topic.

This section contains our curated COVID-19 resource guide, updated twice daily, pulling together the most useful materials in supporting communities addressing homelessness during the pandemic.

Homebase Memos and Guides


Homebase Guide to Key Resources

Updated 5/26/20

Using New and Existing Funding to Respond to COVID-19

Updated 7/17/20

CPD Waivers for CoC, ESG, HOPWA and Con Plan Regulatory Requirements

Updated 5/27/20

Encampment Sweep Moratoriums and CDC Guidance

Updated 5/26/20

Anti-Eviction Measures to Prevent Homelessness and Reduce Transmission 

Updated 7/17/20

California COVID-19 Emergency Homelessness Funding Summary

Updated 6/4/20

How are CoCs Expanding Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation Capacity?

Updated 5/26/20

How are Communities Approaching COVID-19 Screening and Referral?

Updated 7/17/20

Providing Care and Reducing Harm for Persons Using Substances During COVID-19

Updated 7/17/20

Working With People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness

Updated 5/26/20

Remote Service Delivery During the COVID-19 Outbreak 

Updated 7/17/20

Supporting Food Access During COVID-19

Updated 5/12/2020

Economic Impact Payment: Summary & Decision Tree

Updated 4/21/20

ESG-CV NOFA Summary for CA Communities

Updated 6/4/20

Integrating Equity in the Time of COVID

Updated 7/17/20

California Homekey NOFA Summary

Updated 7/18/20

Curated COVID-19 Resources

Homebase continues to update our curated Online Resource Guide twice daily, with the COVID-19 resources most useful in supporting communities addressing homelessness during the pandemic. We have reviewed over 300 resources so far and you can find our top picks here at the links below.


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