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Homebase Webinars on Health Care-Homeless Response System Collaboration

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On this page, you’ll find recordings and presentation slides from Homebase-produced webinars on topics at the intersection of homelessness response and health care.

Featured Webinar

Implementation of the Housing & Homelessness Incentive Program(HHIP) - New HHIP Implementation Toolkit (April 18, 2023)

Presented by Homebase and the California Health Care Foundation, this webinar provided foundational knowledge for Continuums of Care on maximizing California's Housing & Homelessness Incentive Program (HHIP) partnering opportunities. We introduced our brand new HHIP Implementation Toolkit for CoCs and provided a detailed look at the following critical areas of HHIP implementation: 

  • Understanding HHIP metrics

  • Leveraging Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and housing-related Community Supports

  • Sharing data with MCPs

  • Shifting focus from earning HHIP funds to allocating them

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