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What is at Stake?  

After a 3-year pause, Medi-Cal is back to requiring people to renew their coverage every year. Medi-Cal is California’s state Medicaid program, and it provides health care coverage to low-income households. During July 2023 to September 2024, it is estimated that 2-3 million current Medi-Cal members will lose coverage, including 1.5 million eligible members. These eligible members will lose coverage because they did not renew on time or did not receive their renewal packet. 



People experiencing homelessness are more at risk for losing coverage, as Medi-Cal members receive their renewal packets at their last known mailing address. Most people experiencing homelessness may not have a mailing address or their mailing address has changed in the past three years. Without an updated mailing address, they may not realize they need to renew. They may not discover they have no more health coverage until they go to a medical appointment. 



With Homebase’s toolkit and outreach presentations, YOU CAN HELP! The toolkit equips service providers, people experiencing homelessness, health enrollment navigators, and communities with the resources to keep current Medi-Cal members covered.

How are Medi-Cal renewals going in your community?


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These tools and resources were created with the support of the California Health Care Foundation.

Webinar: Help People Experiencing Homelessness Renew Medi-Cal Coverage - October 3, 2023

Medi-Cal Renewal Information Bulletin
Stay up to date on recent policy changes and see our responses to communities' pressing questions about helping people experiencing homelessness renew Medi-Cal coverage!
Click here to view the most updated Information Bulletin

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Help the People You Serve Keep Their Medi-Cal

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