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Garen Nigon

Garen Nigon

Senior Policy Analyst II

As a Senior Policy Analyst II at Homebase, Garen works with the growing State TA team to provide training and technical assistance to state governments working to end homelessness. Prior to joining Homebase, Garen worked for several years at Community Solutions’ Built for Zero initiative, where he supported cities and counties across the United States in achieving a functional end to homelessness in their communities. He also provided technical assistance to leaders working to end homelessness and poverty internationally in the UK, Eastern Europe, and India. Prior to his work at Community Solutions, Garen provided facilitation support and technical assistance to the New York City Continuum of Care, and their Lived Experience sub-Committee. Garen holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Tufts University and an MS from the Columbia University School of Social Work. He lives in Philadelphia, where he also grew up. In his spare time, he is a (very very) amateur distance runner, and enjoys watching old movies with his husband and friends.

Contact Info


415-788-7961 x394



  • BA, Tufts University

  • MS, Columbia University School of Social Work

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